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Beacon Wind is part of a commitment to renewable energy development in the U.S.

  • 1,230 Capacity to produce 1,230 megawatts
  • 1 Million Powering 1 Million homes

Equinor, together with bp, is developing Beacon Wind offshore Massachusetts. When complete, Beacon Wind will provide reliable, renewable power to over a million households in the Northeast.

Beacon Wind will be developed in phases. This first phase will provide generation capacity of 1,230 megawatts (MW) of renewable offshore wind power to New York.

A second part of the Beacon Wind lease area, Beacon Wind 2, is similar in size to Beacon Wind 1 and will be developed in the future. Beacon Wind 2 is capable of interconnecting to the grid along the East Coast from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

Project timeline

Beacon Wind is committed to responsible offshore wind development. As part of securing all necessary permits for the project, we are undertaking a robust review process including physical and geotechnical surveys to gain information about seabed features, geological conditions, presence of hazards, and other features of the lease area.

In the Wind

The latest about the project